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Children can struggle at school for lots of different reasons, but with the right interventions, a child can reach their full academic potential. 

Our highly qualified educational psychologists have a wealth of expereince in working with children who may be demonstrating a wide range of difficulties and who are not reaching their potential. As we are independent we put the child at the heart of our assessments. 

“Specific Learning Difficulty” (SpLD) is a commonly used term which includes dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia and specific language impairment – which can all have an effect on your ability to learn.

We put the child at the heart of the system:

  • We explore the layers of difficulties that a child may have and also explore their strengths.
  • We use an interactive model, involving the child, parent and school to plan and advise a bespoke package to meet their needs.
  • We work with other agencies when appropriate.
  • We aim to overcome barriers to learning and promote inclusion.
  • We work at an individual, group or school-wide level.
  • We identify and address concerns regarding learning and behaviour.

The cost of a standard child assessment may vary subject to requirement.

Some schools are willing to pay for the assessments for their pupils but for others it is up to the parents to take the lead.  You will need to contact your child’s school for further information regarding this.

The assessment process


  • Contact our office to speak with the administration team for further information or to make a booking. 
  • Complete our questionnaire and collect any relevant school reports. 

On The Day

  • Parents/guardians meet with the assessor to discuss concerns and provide information. 
  • The assessment will take approximately 2 hours. 
  • Feedback with parents / guardians.


  • The assessor writes a comprehensive report outlining scores, summary and recommendations. 
  • The report is sent to parents with recommendations to be discussed at school. 
  • The assessor may also contact the teacher/SENco if parents wish.