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Access Arrangements

Access Arrangements are provisions or support given to a student in exams when a particular need has been identified.  This allows all students the equal opportunity in which to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and understanding.  An assessment to identify these needs can be requested for students in year 9 onwards.  We can provide Access Arrangement assessors with Level 7 accreditation to assess multiple students or we can arrange an assessment directly for an individual.

Procedures and practices relating to the awarding of Access Arrangements are governed by the statutory duty to make reasonable adjustments to provision under guidelines produced by the Joint Council for Qualification (JCQ).

How do I know if I need an assessment?

  • Do you struggle to finish exams on time?
  • Do you have difficulties handwriting or converting your ideas into the written form?
  • Do you have trouble understanding written questions?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions then you may qualify for Access Arrangements.  You should contact the SENCo at your school to notify them of any difficulties and enquire about an assessment.

What can Access Arrangements be provided for?

Access Arrangements are suitable for learners studying:

  • GCSEs
  • A Levels
  • FE courses

It is important to note that Access Arrangements are not accepted for study at Higher Education.  If you wish to go on to university then you may require a full diagnostic assessment in order to access support.

What provisions or support could be available for me?

  • Extra time
  • A word processor
  • A reader
  • A scribe
  • Rest breaks
  • Prompter

How much will it cost?

Our assessments cost £80 plus VAT per learner but discounts may apply for multiple bookings.

The assessment procedure

The assessment will be conducted face to face and take approximately 45-60 minutes and will likely include;

  • Single word spelling
  • Single word reading
  • Writing speed and legibility
  • Processing speed
  • Reading speeding and comprehension

Booking an assessment for Access Arrangements

It is important you make your SENCo aware of your concerns as we deal directly with many schools and colleges and they may be able to arrange the assessment for you.  However if you are advised to arrange this yourself, then you can contact us on 01422 372222 or through our website contact form and a member of our administration team will be able to help further.

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