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About Educational Guidance Service

Our key services

Higher Educational Students Image

Higher Education Students

When studying, specific learning difficulties can impact upon your ability to succeed. We’re here to help.

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Children at school

Children can struggle at school for lots of different reasons but with the right interventions, a child can reach their academic potential.

Neurodiversity in the workplace

Neurodiversity in the workplace

We offer diagnostic assessments for neurodiversity in the workplace. 

We can help with

  • Assessment for Specific Learning Difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia)
  • Behavioural and emotional issues
  • Counselling
  • General concerns about educational progress
  • Levels of cognitive functioning
  • Training
  • Neurodiversity in the workplace

We work in

We work with a wide variety of clients, ranging from early years settings, schools and academies, further and higher education providers. We continue our work into the workplace such as Neurodiversity in the workplace, the private sector and legal forums.

We work with

  • Higher Education Providers, Schools, and colleges
  • Working with Teachers, Parents and students where appropriate.
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Our team of experienced Business and Occupational Psychologists work to apply the principals of psychology to the workplace. We work with private and public sector organisations and individuals to help make the best people management decisions. Our approach is scientifically robust, research based, independent and objective.