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Who’s Who in The Educational Guidance Service Team

Our psychologists have a wide range of experience in management and leadership and are knowledgeable in the fields of:-

  • specific learning difficulties (eg dyslexia)
  • behaviour
  • early years
  • autistic spectrum disorders
  • moderate learning difficulties
  • sensory impairment
  • profound and multiple difficulties

The range of experience extends from early years to higher education.

Team Principals

Alex Griffiths


Alex Griffiths is an Educational Psychologist with over 30 years experience.  The author of various books and texts on parental involvement, reading and behaviour he also edited the magazine “Special” for over ten years.

Director of Schools
Karen Jones


Karen is an educational psychologist of many years experience. She has worked with local education authorities and is familiar with multi-agency working. Karen has worked extensively in early years settings and in schools. She continues to work on a regular basis with children, their parents and staff at schools. Another part of Karen’s role includes working with students in colleges and universities. She frequently prepares and delivers training for a range of agencies and institutions and has experience of working within the legal system.

Principal Consultant
Elaine Douglas


Elaine has almost 30 years’ experience as an educator, psychologist and trainer. After qualifying as an educational psychologist in 1988 she moved to the Isle of Man where she initially worked for the Department of Education. In 1991 Elaine established her own psychological services for children and their families, adults and organisations. Elaine is now the Principal Consultant and heads The Kade Consultancy, a division of EGS.  Her keen interests are the effects of stress and how to deal with it. Author of the manual “Bullying in the Workplace”, she also helps children, parents, managers and organisations manage difficult behaviour.

Core Psychology Team

Alison Fox


Alison is one of EGS and KADE’s Occupational Psychologists in Training and is currently working towards chartered status with the British Psychological Society.  Whilst working as a manager for the 19th hole on a local golf course, Alison obtained her BSc in Psychology and MSc in Occupational Psychology.  It was this extensive work experience together with a period of time working with young individuals in an educational setting that fuelled her passion for working with, supporting and developing people, particularly in the workplace environment.

Alison brings to the team a quiet, reflective exterior, behind which lies a deep thinking, creative and hard working persona.  She can be counted on to deliver what is required in a confident and professional manner.  It is these qualities that have led Alison to follow her interests in Counselling, particularly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.  She hopes to use these skills within the occupational setting, in the area of absence management in particular, one which she has a lot of interest and enthusiasm for.

Alison has been involved in several projects and has proven herself to be a valuable team player.  She is always striving to seek opportunities for personal and career development and enjoys adding knowledge and skills to her ‘toolkit’.  At present, Alison is heavily involved with the assessment of individuals for specific learning difficulties in both an educational and occupational setting.  She is highly motivated by her current working environment and is continually inspired by others within the team.

Sue Harding

Sue has recently joined the team after working as an educational psychologist in local authorities for over 20 years.

Sue has a record of positive working relationships with schools and families which is based on solution oriented principles and practical strategies. She has delivered input to groups of students and staff as well as working at an individual level. Sue has a wide knowledge base relating to special educational needs including specific expertise around Downs Syndrome, autism and early child development. She also has a strong background in working with children with specific learning difficulties, particularly dyspraxia. She has completed training with the Child Brain Injury Trust. She continues to develop her skills relating to attachment styles and their impact on learning.


John Bradley

Dr John Bradley has worked as an educational psychologist in England, Hong Kong and Brunei. In Nottinghamshire he was Principal Educational Psychologist and Head of Special Educational Needs Services. A theme in this work was the promotion of inclusive education. He now works with The Educational Guidance Service to provide assessment and advice to university students with additional needs. He also continues to publish academic research in to widening participation in higher education and the ethics of university marketing. He has been commissioned to undertake several Serious Case Reviews and Domestic Homicide Reviews as well as investigations in to historic abuse. He was the author of a report for the Department of Education looking at Jimmy Savile’s contact with schools.

One of his research publications on young people and university can be read by CLICKING HERE.

Joanne Chambers


Joanne Chambers is a consultant Chartered Occupational Psychologist with extensive experience in recruitment and selection.  Joanne has previously worked within the public sector designing and delivering large scale assessment and development tools for the UK Police Service.   She specialises in assessment/development centre design and delivery, assessor training design and delivery, delivery of bespoke training courses.  Joanne is Level A and Level B Plus qualified and has experience of a range of personality tools and is competent in assessing individuals for specific learning difficulties using the WAIS-IV.  Joanne is currently completing a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching.   She combines technical knowledge and statistical expertise to achieve a track record of delivering high quality assessments efficiently, enhancing business performance.

Tim Greenwood


Tim is a HPC registered educational psychologist with experience working in the early years, primary, secondary and higher education sectors. He has special interests in video interaction guidance, an innovative approach to working with families and schools to bring about change, and dialogic approaches to team learning and organisational change.

Janet Philpott


Janet is an experienced educational psychologist with a broad base in the profession. She was a senior then Principal Educational Psychologist in a north eastern Local Authority, and she has worked at a range of levels which include recent casework and strategic experience. She has published a range of materials across diverse fields and her interests are similarly diverse, but particularly centered around early childhood development and social communication.

Dr Craig Small

Dr Craig Small is a coaching and educational psychologist with a long running interesting in behaviour, literacy, social inclusion and the psychology of collaboration and change.

In his career as a psychologist he has worked as Senior Psychologist with Middlesbrough Local Authority and most recently as Deputy Principal, and also Acting Principal Psychologist / Head of Service, with Nottinghamshire Children’s Services Inclusion Services. Craig has extensive experience of delivering and leading local authority psychology services and has twice been seconded to government projects; firstly to the Excellence in Cities program, which focused on meeting the behaviour challenge in schools, and secondly the Targeted Youth Support Program, which was concerned with the integration of children’s services to improve outcomes.

As well as extensive experience of designing and developing service systems, Craig also has many thousand of hours of experience working directly with clients, and combines these to work in a range of fields where psychology can add social value.

Deborah Smart

Deborah is an Occupational Psychologist with wide experience of working with adults with specific learning difficulties, a range of disabilities and study/employment difficulties.  She has also worked as a psychologist advisor within in a university setting, providing detailed assessments of the needs of disabled students, providing staff training, and working cooperative with academics to ensure appropriate provision for students within the context of course demands.

Peter Wilkinson


Peter Wilkinson has taught in primary, secondary and special schools. During the last 20 years he been a senior member of an LEA psychology service and has established and led successful behaviour support and special needs services. His long-standing interests and experience are in co-operative behaviour management approaches, solution-focused intervention with young people and the psychology of self-esteem. He is an experienced trainer.

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