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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a fast, effective method that allows you to get more of what you want. It follows a proven process that helps you to:

  • Take stock of the challenges you currently face
  • Work out exactly what you need to do to move forwards
  • Implement your action plan (with the support of your coach)
  • Evaluate your progress and decide on next steps

Coaching is not about telling you what to do, dwelling on the past or fixing poor performance. Instead, it aims to give you a clear focus on where you are now, where you want to be and how to get there. Everyone is different, so there’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Coaching uses your unique strengths, values, experience and lifestyle as a starting point. This allows you to set goals which are motivating for you and uncover new solutions that you are comfortable implementing.

The benefits of Coaching

Coaching is a powerful tool that supports organisational performance by developing key individuals to get more from themselves and others. Coaching may be a good solution for your organisation if:

  • You would benefit from having a confidential, impartial sounding board for your ideas and challenges
  • There is a need to develop leadership skills (or other high value skills) in high potential or newly promoted individuals
  • You would like to find a way of unlocking your own and others’ untapped potential
  • You need to find ways to resolve interpersonal conflict or other disruptive behaviour effectively

Why choose Kade?

All our coaches are fully accredited and adhere to international coaching standards. Unlike many other coaching providers, our coaches are also qualified Occupational Psychologists. This means that we have a deep understanding of coaching models and can use a range of psychometrics and 360° tools in support of our clients. Kade’s coaches have experience across a range of sectors and coaching issues, so we are likely to have helped similar organisations resolve the kinds of challenges you are currently experiencing.

A recent testimonial

I sourced professional coaching sessions at a time of great change within our organisation which meant I was facing increased leadership responsibility and changes to my professional role and circumstances. I have been having coaching sessions for 12 months now and can honestly say that they have changed and vastly improved my whole view of professional life and my role as the leader of the organisation.

Simon is an excellent and experienced professional coach. Each coaching session follows an established coaching cycle where I am supported to set goals for the forthcoming period and work through strategies and any barriers which might prevent me from achieving my aims.  Simon is unrelenting in his support for me to become my ‘best self’. Each session is rigorous and intense but peppered with humour, optimism and his belief that I can make the changes I wish to see. I leave each session feeling wholly positive and with renewed strength and conviction that I am able to take back into the working environment.

Simon has years of experience in working as an occupational psychologist. He knows the world of work and has great expertise in helping leaders develop. He provides clever analogies and very useful models and resources to support my thinking. I am guided by him to clarify and articulate my goals. We do not shy away from challenges in our sessions but discuss these which often helps me to understand things more clearly.  Simon gently challenges any negative thinking I may have and works with me to return to aspects within my control – my own values, thoughts and actions. He prepares session notes and additional resources and ideas following each session which enable me to continue working on the areas I have identified between sessions. His emails inbetween sessions help to keep me focused and on-track with the goals I have set myself.

In this way, with Simon’s coaching, I have made great progress in a number of areas including: evaluating my own leadership style and values, enjoying a successful recruitment process which led to me securing the permanent role as headteacher, developing a healthy work-life balance, learning positive approaches to managing stress and clarifying my own vision for myself as a leader. This work helps me to communicate more clearly with others at work, be surer of the decisions I make, ensure I stay well and healthy and increase my emotional intelligence working with others.

Being a leader of an organisation like ours is a great responsibility and a huge privilege. I do not take my responsibilities lightly and know the trust, faith and expectation that is placed in me. Coaching is key for me to be the best version of myself and, I believe, would be something that many more professionals would find useful to undertake. Each session leaves me energised, optimistic and with renewed belief in myself and positivity for the future. The focus of coaching is making the best use of our own potential and making the very best of the most important resource I have available – me!

Jane Scardifield (Headteacher) June 2019

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