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Study Resources

Below is a list of study resources which may help with learning whilst at college or university.

Study Guide

A good prize winning text is ‘A Brief Guide for Successful Learning’ by Rebecca Thomas, £4.95.  The book covers essay writing, revision, exam techniques and useful aids to study.  It is available from the psychologist, by contacting us or on Amazon.

Assistive technologies

There are many applications available to assist you in your studies. The best people to advise you are the learning support staff at your university but here are a few examples that may help you study:-

  • Text to Speech -An example of which (and one of many) is Microsoft’s ‘Natural Reader’.  Select text and the application will read it back.  Especially good when a lot of reading is required.  Lecture notes can be listered to instead of read.  Very good for reading back essays to assist with proof-reading and context.
  • Speech to Text -An invaluable tool if writing essays is challenging.  The software converts the audio into text enabling the speaker to get all their ideas on to the page.  There are many to choose from – ‘Dragon Dictate‘ being an example of many.  Ask your learning support department for their recommendations.
  • Readable Readable is an excellent tool for those that find web browsing stressful on the eyes and can be useful for the visually impared.
  • Organisational tools – Planning is an important part of student life and a skill that is particularly hard for those with a specific learning difficulty.  Technology in this area is developing by the day and there are plenty of free apps for mobile phones and/or PC that can help you prioritise and diarise.  Your learning support department will be able to advise which applications are suitable.
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